Collection of 13 PhD thesis topics in project management

The major problem for any student is the approval of the thesis topic. If you are finding the topic and on the last minute, your professor reject then what you are supposed to do? Of course, this is kind of a big headache for the student because now they have to find some other topic. If you are the one who is doing a job, college and other things simultaneously then here we are providing you different topics for the Ph.D. thesis in the project management.

Following are some of the topics let’s have a look.

  1. Team management and the advantage to the company.
  2. Qualities of the great team leader.
  3. Possibilities to handle the critical project when you are inexperienced.
  4. How to lead the project when you are in the emergency situation?
  5. New interns in the project vs. experienced seniors.
  6. How important it is to train the fresh graduates who are not able to compete.
  7. Make your boss happy by handling the team and project by following ways.
  8. The Proper way to discuss the project with the team according to their caliber.
  9. New applications and training sessions for the staff.
  10. Why is it important to research on every new project from the same company?
  11. Advantages of being a project management leader.
  12. How to deal with the new interns.
  13. Why confidence is important when you are handling a project for the first time.

These are some of the topics, but these topics are just for the people who want to have something simpler. If you want to deal with something which is difficult, and you have to do a lot of research on the topic then search those topics in your textbooks. You can choose some topics from the internet sources, and these sources will help you in creating the powerful topics.

Many people create the topics on their own, and they don’t care about the other sources. If you are reading books and you want to have something unique then make sure that you are choosing something from the book, but that topic should not be common, or your research should be different than the others. Some things should be researched properly and make sure that your result is accurate for the whole paper.

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