Interesting scientific dissertation topics about water

It can seem a bit frightening to write a science dissertation about water. This is because the work will take several months or even years to complete. You can imagine a situation where you begin writing on a topic but it turn out to be boring mid way. How will you complete a paper that you have no interest in? By choosing a topic that is fresh and interesting, you will be able to maintain your interest in the paper throughout the writing process.

Choose an interesting topic

When you are required to write a dissertation about water, a good idea would be to choose a topic that you already know. When you choose a popular topic, it becomes easy to write and you can be assured that you will be able to do well in it. It can also help when you choose a subject that people have an opinion about. This will help you in getting examples as well as works that you can cite.

Before you settle on a particular idea, ensure that you have gathered the necessary information. Browse through the internet, read newspaper, Watch news, listen to radio and speak to different people to determine the current topics on water. Take a pencil and a sheet of paper and put down some ideas that come to your mind. Avoid being too critical. You can get good ideas even from the bad ones and therefore, the process of filtering the topics will come in later.

A previously researched topic

Ensure that you select a topic where research had previously being conducted. You should bear in mind that it is important to base the paper on the work previously done by other scientists. Ensure that you choose an idea that is interesting now only to you but to also your instructor. Here are some topics that may e interesting to you about water.

  1. Acid rain
  2. Effect s of climate change on water bodies
  3. Research on lake management
  4. Groundwater
  5. Research on the diversity of arctic freshwater
  6. Waterborne pathogens
  7. Genetically Modified Organisms
  8. The impact of industrial activity on water
  9. Impact of harmful algal blooms
  10. Agricultural activity and its effect on water
  11. Water bodies management

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