A Set of Absolutely Brilliant PhD Thesis Topics in Geography

The key aspect of writing a successful Ph.D. thesis in geography is selecting a good research area. Geography is a broad field, so there are plenty of topics to choose from. Unfortunately, not everybody can come up with an excellent idea to study without any help. To generate a unique and interesting topic for your geography project, you may need to look at a list of excellent examples.

A Collection of Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Topics in Geography

  1. The geographical development of Chicago in the nineteenth century.
  2. Pros and cons of a qualitative approach to studying urban geography.
  3. The role of a historical geographical analysis in the identification of a geo-cultural identity.
  4. The impact of the environment in shaping development prospects in North Eastern Thailand.
  5. A comparative analysis of water-side redevelopments in tow different areas.
  6. The relationship between a national territory and natural features of a land.
  7. Rio de Janeiro and the features of its urban geography.
  8. The usage of the urban landscape to increase security against terrorists.
  9. The landscape evolution in tectonically active areas.
  10. Getting seismic data: Bayesian inversion.

The Structure of a Geography Ph.D. Thesis

To compose your paper correctly, you should know what parts it should consist of. Follow the structure above outlining your geography dissertation:

  1. Title page.
  2. Indicate the title of your paper, your name and other important information.

  3. Acknowledgements.
  4. Thank people who helped you in completing your project.

  5. Abstract.
  6. Summarize your entire Ph.D. academic project.

  7. Table of contents.
  8. List all chapters that your paper consists of indicating relevant page numbers.

  9. Introduction.
  10. Provide a context for your study, raise your research question, and state your hypotheses.

  11. Literature review.
  12. Present literature sources and previous studies that your study is based upon.

  13. Methodology.
  14. Thoroughly describe how your research has been carried out.

  15. Results.
  16. Present the data that you’ve collected during your study.

  17. Discussion.
  18. Interpret your findings and indicate their significance.

  19. Recommendations.
  20. Suggest ways for future studies in the field.

  21. Bibliography.
  22. Provide a list of all sources consulted during your research.

In short, there are many geography topics that you can write your Ph.D. project about. The main thing that you should remember choosing a topic is that it should be interesting to you. If you select a study area that doesn’t attract your attention, composing your paper will be a long and boring task.

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