8 Great Dissertation Topics About Early Years Education

The early education relates to educating children of the preschool age. Writing a dissertation in this field is very interesting because studies of children often bring unexpected results. You might have problems with choosing a specific topic for your research. To gain some inspiration, you may take a look at several excellent sample topics.

Outstanding Topics for a Dissertation about the Preschool Education

  1. Creating a curriculum for young children that is developmentally appropriate.

  2. The usage of computer-based testing with preschool children.

  3. The effect of educational TV shows on language skills of children with language impairments.

  4. Digital storytelling in kindergartens: merging technology and literacy.

  5. The usage of TV to teach the knowledge of emotions to preschool children.

  6. The impact of computer-based education on social skills of autistic children.

  7. The comparison of social skills of preschoolers and children who have not received preschool education.

  8. The role of parents in a child’s preschool education.

Components to Include in Your Dissertation

In order to compose a successful paper, you should know exactly what chapters it should consist of. Here is what the body of your thesis should look like:

  • The introduction.
  • Here, you should present your topic, list your goals, and provide the scope of your research.

  • The literature review.
  • This chapter should explain the main concepts that you’ve based your research upon and list the main sources that you’ve consulted.

  • The methodology.
  • In this part, you should describe in detail what actions and tests you’ve performed and who were their participants.

  • The results.
  • Here, you should demonstrate the outcomes of your study and discuss their significance for the development of your field.

  • The conclusion.
  • At the end, you should summarize your study and propose the ways for other researchers to continue your work.

Organizing the Work on Your Dissertation

Remember that you shouldn’t start writing anything until your research has been completed. If you have problems with conducting your study, consult your professor. You may also approach them with your initial outline. If your outline has weak spots, your professor should point them out to you.

It’s recommended to complete the literature review, methodology, and results first. Compose an introduction and conclusion after the core of your paper is already written. Don’t ignore the step of proofreading your text. Your first draft isn’t likely to be worthy of submission.

Leave enough time before the submission to create a good slide presentation and write a strong speech to defend your thesis successfully.

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