Dissertation Topics On Public Health: 20 Suggestions From Experts

The prime motto of writing dissertations on health topics is to create awareness among the public about the existing lifestyle and the ways of dealing with such issues.

Following are some top public health topics that you can write dissertation on-

  1. Examine and compare various top class associations that deal with public health policies.

  2. Make a comparison between direct democracy and pre-emption. How these are different from other political systems.

  3. Compare direct democracy and pre-emption on the basis of alcohol policies and state level tobacco consumption.

  4. What are the disparities in survival rate of infants with different age groups? Compare them on the basis of various types of birth defects?

  5. How recession affects public health? What impact it has on socio-economic status?

  6. What is Opioid drug abuse treatment? What are the factors affecting it?

  7. What prenatal health disparities are observed between Africans and Americans?

  8. What should be the characteristics of trauma specialized hospitals?

  9. What prevention were taken for the Vietnamese Americans to deal with the cancer population before 2007?

  10. What is Critical access hospital legislation? What are its crucial impacts on rural residents admitted in hospitals?

  11. How health of the employees gets affected when organization makes changes in telecommuting?

  12. How advancement in specific technology adversely affects public health?

  13. What strict measures should be taken in terms of physical workouts and mediation across the world to deal with effects of advancement?

  14. Carry a research, finding relationships between maternal anthropometric, behavioral factors, dietary conditions and health care systems on an infant’s birth weight.

  15. What are the behaviors observed by hypertension patients and diabetes patients when diet and exercise are introduced in patient’s life?

  16. What are the changes observed in the health of population of United States with increasing migration?

  17. What changes were observed when international migration of Physicians took place in United States in 2003? How it made life better? What health behaviors were observed in old age people?

  18. How Mozambicans were affected by HIV/AIDS? What sexual and risk behaviors were observed in them with advanced stages of development? What effects were observed when they were treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy adherence in 2006?

  19. What strategies should be adopted when pesticides are used by farm workers? Write a comparative state in people health when they are fed with and without such grains?

  20. What approaches are employed by practitioners to screen Hispanic women to promote mammography in rural areas?

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