Tips and Ideas for a Great Undergraduate Architecture Dissertation

Most undergraduates who have already completed their dissertations usually feel sorry for not knowing certain useful things before starting to write their projects. You still have a chance to learn them and complete your architecture project with less panic and pain.

Undergraduate Dissertation Writing Tips

  • Don’t ever try to find out how much other students or your friends have worked on their projects. If you work less, you will fall into panic and frustration, if you work more, it’s possible that you will want to give up efforts. Both ways are wrong, so don’t waste your time on it.
  • Don’t let frustration get on top of you and seize you. It’s very likely that one day you will want to change your subject and start everything anew. If your supervisor doesn’t recommend you to change the topic and start researching from the scratch, ignore such thoughts. They will pass very soon when you start to see that your research goes well.
  • Do really cruel editing of the reference materials, otherwise, you’ll be buried under tons of high-quality, interesting, unique, and catchy architecture facts that all seem to be pure gold. Be extra critical and reduce it by a good half.
  • Manage all your time as effectively as you can. Your architecture project will eat it away up to the last hour even if you are a perfect time-manager and have a lot of things to do apart from the writing.

Several Architecture Project Topic Ideas

  1. The architecture and inner construction of residential cottages supplied by renewable energy sources.
  2. The architecture and construction reinforcement of residential buildings in areas frequently exposed to different types of natural disasters.
  3. The architectural development of multifunctional business centers.
  4. The principles of coloring and composition in separate residential buildings, lines and blocks of residential buildings.
  5. The peculiarities of architectural design in contemporary religious buildings belonging to different religious confessions.
  6. The principles of building of energy-effective residential buildings, their functionality, interior construction and exterior design.

Available Dissertation Writing Assistance You May Need

Even if you don’t give way to panic and keep calm, you may still need some writing help. You should take advantage of research samples and templates, academic writing manuals, writing labs with their wise recommendations, and even services of custom writing. You should remember that all the parts of your project are equally important from the point of view of academic writing, and nothing should be missed.

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