Mistakes students make while creating a Doctoral thesis

There are mistakes that students make while doing their doctoral thesis and it's important to ensure that you follow a few steps in order to finish your dissertation work on time

  • Assuming approval is one of the biggest mistakes that students make while creating a doctoral thesis. They imagine that with work done the tutor will agree on the thesis. It is very important to go through the process in order to avoid revision. And this will add months to the dissertation process.
  • Most students tend to create their own surveys without having thorough research. This is very wrong as you will end up giving false information. Make sure to research thoroughly.
  • Another very huge mistake is recreating someone else’s study. This will have no originality. You should provide a good rationale to your work
  • Whenever you are researching, you should always ensure that you choose the correct survey instruments that will give accurate results. Your survey scale should always be accurate, valid, and true.
  • Not choosing your committee members wisely can jeopardize your work. Research should always be done with your committee members, as this will ensure that you are all on the same page. Choose committee members who are able to work together; pick out members who have moderate knowledge of your topic. Ensure that you do not keep changing members in the middle of the project as this will add months to your dissertation.
  • Claiming the ownership of the dissertation is unfair as you might have worked with other members. Accepting that the work done was teamwork will help avoid frustrations and revision.
  • Overcomplicating your project can be another mistake. It should always be clearly explained so that a person can make sense of it as easily as possible. In your dissertation, the results chapter should always be accompanied by tables and figures and they should be clearly labeled so that they are able to stand alone even without an explanation.
  • Trying to be an expert in everything. You should concentrate on one topic. Always ensure that you write your data analysis plan so that you will be able to monitor your work. Simplify your project whenever possible so that others are able to fully understand your dissertation and so that you can explain it yourself.

Keep these in mind as you move forward and make your paper the best it can be.

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