List Of Fresh 13 Dissertation Topics In Corporate Finance

Writing a dissertation in corporate finance won’t be a challenge if you’re truly interested in the subject. Therefore, be very selective when choosing the topic. It should be something you want to become an expert at. You doctoral project should also stand out from all the rest, so give preference to fresh and original ideas in the field.

How to Pick a Fresh Dissertation Topic

  • Read recent financial publications and study the latest news in the field.

  • Analyze current legislation in the area of corporate finance. Pay close attention to any related innovations in the law.

  • Conduct research on the corporate policy of any local company.

  • Consult with your advisor. He or she can prompt a couple of original and new ideas for your paper.

New Dissertation Topic Ideas in Corporate Finance

  1. Analyze the microfinance climate of any developing country. What strengths and weaknesses do you observe? What factors restrict the potential of this particular country?

  2. What financial innovation trends are prevalent in the countries of Asia and Europe? Why do they differ?

  3. How is the efficiency of corporate governance in banks affected by the banking capital structure? Assess capital structure and corporate governance in any bank you like.

  4. What would happen if public and private business sectors in your country worked in unison? What goals could be accomplished in this case?

  5. How does the growth of private investment depend on the efficiency of credit policy? How would corporations benefit from getting unlimited access to credits?

  6. What particular finance products are publically available through the local market of your country? Analyze the situation in any other country as well. How do these cases represent the national landscape of the countries?

  7. What collective investment models are prevalent in your country? Which of them are the most successful and why?

  8. What corporate finance practices are universally accepted as being the most efficient in the global market? Why?

  9. How do taxes influence dividend policy in the banking industry of your country?

  10. Analyze mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry of your country. Do our pharmaceutical companies perform well?

  11. How can the integrating options theory be applied in capital budgeting? How can it be applied for innovation management?

  12. Study the corporate strategy of any low-budget airline. How efficient is the risk management policy of the company?

  13. Analyze mean-variance portfolio theory using an example of any international bank. How does it work?

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