List Of 15 Topics For Your Dissertation About The Golden Age Of Piracy

Throughout most of the twentieth century there have been many establishments and processes that got mainstreamed as piracy simply because it naturally implores several either illegal or immoral activities and transactions that are shunned by many people within the public domain. There are several steps that one can take when they are faced with having to write a dissertation about the Golden Age of piracy and they can be learned by simply contacting any top student or teacher for additional information.

Within the list below there would be fifteen topics related to this age of piracy in which you can use to practice on before you are presented with a real marked assignment. Please do not simply attempt the dissertations easiest for you because you would not be challenged by the others which is what this exercise is mainly focused on.

  1. What were the contributing reasons that influenced the birth of corporate piracy within modern history?

  2. There are several key persons that were responsible for the rise in popularity of the act of piracy within the Caribbean. Write about them.

  3. Was there really no honor among pirates and if so, did that culture seep into modern business lifestyles?

  4. The great leaders of the last few hundred years have both paved a way for economic progress and stunted a people or two during their reign.

  5. Write about the famous people from Europe and Britain who were responsible for the rise of the democratic government system.

  6. Use the exploits that various African rebels made good on to fashion a superb dissertation about their conquests and subsequent nation building drives.

  7. What is the difference between the cultures of modern day pirates and the legendary ones of the past? Should some of the various wars and skirmishes that occurred throughout history been avoided because nothing good or progressive came out of the ordeal?

  8. Have statistical data to either prove or disprove if the riches that pirates took from colonial establishments severely stunted many nations from expanding as fast as they were charted to at inception.

  9. Highlight the family trees of some famous pirates and interpret the information in your words.

  10. Write about the lost treasures that were stolen from various Spanish and French ports.

  11. Can nations utilize any discovered valuables and use it to boost their economy once it was excavated within their waters?

  12. How does software piracy relate to the past traditional practices?

  13. Do a study into what causes a person to commit these forms of criminal acts.

  14. Share your findings after researching the Mediterranean skirmishes and disagreements.

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