Things To Know About Writing An Invitation To Your Dissertation Defense

There are a lot of things to consider when a student in a master or doctoral degree wants to have a successful thesis defense. Preparing the proposal and writing its contents may be considered an arduous task; but, proving what you have learned from what you wrote is the most challenging task of all. To help you convene academic experts to listen and evaluate your paper, you can get professional help from this website. Here is an overview of what is expected from you and the proper procedure to follow:

  • Your thesis or dissertation becomes public knowledge.
  • There is no monopoly of knowledge. People from the academe (i.e. teachers and students) will be informed that you have written an academic paper that is something beneficial and worthy of praise or appreciation.

  • It is a must that you defend the theories, concepts and ideas in your proposal upon its completion.
  • This will be the last stage that you have to undertake before your graduation. This is to test not only the knowledge that you acquired but also on how this proposal is implemented for the good of all.

  • You must file an application addressed to the Dean or Head of the Graduate School for you to get a slot in defending your proposal.
  • Before you are given your schedule, you must be able to put in writing, your desire to be heard and evaluated by an academic panel. There must be enough time to do a rewrite or a revision before a deadline is set for the final defense.

  • A panel or a committee oversees the student’s final preparations for the defense and gives the go signal for the final defense.
  • It is not enough that the student is done writing or revising his dissertation. The committee will make the circulation of the proposal to its members and schedule it accordingly upon the approval of the Chair and the members of the panel.

  • The dissertation is published as a University event and should be done during regular school days. The proponent must meet all the Graduate School requirements before the defense.
  • The student must not schedule the defense during semestral breaks. This is because the Chair and the rest of the committee or panel are not available during these times. Also, he is required to submit a hard copy and an electronic copy of the paper for future reference.

After all these requirements are met, the defense is undertaken, and the student waits for the result. Upon approval, it is submitted to the Graduate School.

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