How To Select A Winning Dissertation Topic On Graphic Design?

The world of today is literally so filled with graphic designs that you will find them almost everywhere you look. There are so many examples right in the front of us that we cannot imagine a world where there is no graphic design. But if you are writing an academic paper on the same, there are more than a few things that you will have to consider. To start with, the topic is not similar to most other topics on which you might have written in the past.

Mix of modern art and technology

Graphic designing is basically a mixture of modern art and technology as the artist executes most of their moves on the computer. There are several other modes of application as well and you will need to do exceedingly well to figure them all out at the same time.

The commercial aspect of graphic designing

Graphic designs of the day are mostly done for commercial purposes. Brands need identity and the more competitive ones need innovation in the identity. This has created a source of income for several artists together.

How the artist thinks when on job?

The role that the artists assume is one that connects the brand to its audience. In effect, the artist becomes a brand communication artist and one of the most influential things they do is take the message of the brand to its customers. All the application of knowledge and skill essentially revolves around this central thought.

The shortcuts and shortcomings

There are some shortcuts that artists learn on the way. These are generally inspired from some of the most important elements in the house. There are also some shortcomings that you need to be aware of. Most artists and graphic designers do well to counter these shortcomings along with the shortcuts.

Accidental innovation applies

There are several occasion when the masterpieces are discovered by mere accident. There are also several accounts when people in the house are looking for something else and there are also accounts when some of the elements just blend into each other to produce something that is unique. Mind these instances in the dissertation.

Codes and quick work

There are codes for graphic designing and the software that artists use allows them to be very quick about their work as well. Learning these codes helps artists a great deal when looking at the work from a distance. Include this point in the dissertation.

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